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DAS BLASHAUS is specialized in making visions become reality. In particular, if the ideas relate to wind instruments. We have a long-standing experience in this field.

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Our Converted Conn Chu Berry "Black Pearl" Saxophones

Vintage sound and perfect handling

We built the first BLASHAUS Converted Conn Chu Berry "Black Pearl" Saxophone in 1992. The success was overwhelming. David Murray has been interested and was very much in favor. Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Brecker, James Carter, Christoph Lauer and many other saxophonists tested the instrument and loved it. And it is still one of James Carter's favorite instruments.

In Robert Altman's Kansas City it even became a movie star!

The story of a legend ...

it is like the best of both worlds

BLASHAUS Exclusive
Bass Clarinet Neck Medium Heavy / Heavy Heavy Series II

Our BLASHAUS Series II necks feature continuous S-curve pipes with precision-calibrated tube bends and thicker walls for improved energy flow.
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Optimizations for Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinets

BLASHAUS Exklusive

Our optimization measures for Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet:

Simply awesome! An inspiration for every bass clarinet player.

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SABRe Sensor Augmented Bass Clarinet Research

SABRe - ICST - DAS BLASHAUSThe Sensor Augmented Bass clarinet Research (SABRe) extends a bass clarinet with electronic sensors in order to capture the player‘s gestures. It is being developed with DAS BLASHAUS to fulfill professional quality standards.

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Optimizations for Selmer Contrabass Clarinets

We have developed a package of measures, which significantly optimizes functional, acoustic and intonation problems on Selmer contrabass clarinets.

Depending on individual needs, we are able to implement the whole package or just parts of it.

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Neckstrap BLASHAUS Exklusive SNS2

BLASHAUS Exklusive Neckstrap

Introducing the new BLASHAUS Exclusive saxophone and bass clarinet Neckstrap SNS2.

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Located in the center of Lucerne (Switzerland) we are easy to reach by public transport as well as by car.
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