Artist – Luke Carbon

"The difference that the Blashaus gold-plated heavy-heavy neck makes to the core sound of my Selmer Privilege is truly incredible. I feel like my sound is deeper, warmer, has more projection, and that the overtone spectrum is so much more focused! It's truly the difference between a great instrument, and a phenomenal instrument. I wouldn't play anything else! "

Luke Carbon
Performer, Producer, Educator

Artist – Enzo Favata

"Is great sound Martin, great davvero un bel lavoro.."

Enzo Favata from Sardinia
jana projekt enzo favata

Artist – Brian Landrus

"I love my neck!! Thank you!."

Artist – Lukas Roos

"Blashaus Zug – eine kleine Werkstatt, die grosse Wünsche erfüllt. Blashaus Bassklarinettenbögen klingen am fettesten."

Artist – Lee Livengood

"With my Blashaus neck on my bass clarinet, the sound, projection, intonation, and response are all dramatically improved. The neck is beautifully crafted, and I would recommend it to any serious bass clarinetist."

Lee Livengood
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, Utah Symphony Orchestra
Past-President, The International Clarinet Association

Artist – Jack Howell

"The bass clarinet crook comprises a greater part of the instrument than a clarinet barrel does, so it makes sense that there are gains to be had by optimizing it, just as with the barrel, or even more so. I would say that the response over the entire instrument is more immediate and predictable, with particular benefits to articulation. Resistance feels very even and I feel a greater ease in playing, but still plenty of cushion/resistance for louder dynamics. I have always felt aware on bass of the distance between tone holes -- without strict attention, a phrase can sound like a string of different vowels. With this crook, both the bright and dull notes seem largely to have resolved, and the entire range of the instrument feels more compact and focused.
It seems evident that the folks at Das Blashaus know what they are doing. The crook is beautifully made, simply first rate work, not a molecule out of place."

Jack Howell
In 2015, his career came full circle when he won the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's principal bass clarinet position.

Artist – Mariella Bachmann

"Der Bassklarinettenhals Medium Heavy Gold vom BLASHAUS Zug ermöglicht mir, meinen Klang einfach und kontrolliert zu fokussieren. Dabei schätze ich insbesondere die Wärme und Resonanz des Klanges, sowie die hohe Qualität des Produktes."

Mariella Bachmann

Artist – Petra Stump-Linshalm and Heinz-Peter Linshalm

"An outstanding design that combines form and function for the unique qualities of a compact and warm centered sound. Perfect responsiveness gives freedom to create music.
Finest craftmanship!"

Petra Stump-Linshalm and Heinz-Peter Linshalm
(Photo: Viktor Brazdil)

Artist – Claudio Puntin

"Das Feintuning eines Musikers betrifft nicht nur die Musik, sondern auch das Feeling für die Beschaffenheit eines Instrumentes und seines Materials. Umgekehrt ist es für einen Instrumentenmacher nur dann möglich, Verbesserungen an Instrumenten vorzunehmen, wenn er seinen Sinn für die Beschaffenheit und die Physik der Instrumente mit viel Feeling für Musik, Schwingung und Klang zu verbinden vermag.
Diese Symbiose ist dem Blashaus mit der Entwicklung und der Konstruktion der S‐Bögen absolut gelungen. Ich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, dass Anfänger als auch Profis den Unterschied unmittelbar nach den ersten Tönen erfahren. Die offensichtlich verbesserten physikalischen Eigenschaften wirken sich auf die Fülle des Klanges, die Ansprache und auch die Stabilität des Instrumentes sehr positiv aus. Ich spiele den Bogen seit fast 10 Jahren. Er hilft mir sehr dabei, meine musikalischen Vorstellungen leichter umsetzen zu können."

Claudio Puntin
(Foto credit: Ralf Dombrowsky)

Artist – Caroline Wüst

"Mein double double gold Bogen vom Blashaus war Liebe auf den ersten Ton. Ich spiele den Bogen nun schon seit einigen Jahren und bin immer noch begeistert. Der Bogen überzeugt sowohl im Orchester, als auch solistisch und in der Kammermusik dank seiner klaren Ansprache und dem vollen, runden und farbigen Klang in allen Lagen."

Caroline Wüst

Artist – Lucien Dubuis

"Ce fantastique bocal me soutient à merveille dans l’exploration de mes fantaisies sonores et musicales …"

Lucien Dubuis
(Photo: Lukas Hämmerle)

Artist – Sandra Schmid

"Ich bin in der Tat sehr happy mit eurem Bassklarinettbogen!
Sein runder, voluminöser Klang entspricht ganz meiner Vorstellung und auch die gute Ansprache und der positive Einfluss auf die Intonation überzeugen mich nach wie vor."

Sandra Schmid

Artist – Armon Stecher

"Seit ich den heavyheavy- Bassklarinetten-Bogen vom Blashaus in Zug spiele, habe ich einfach mehr Möglichkeiten, mit verschiedensten Klangfarben zu spielen. Der runde, warme und volle Klang trägt im Saal so gut, dass ich problemlos auch bei gross besetztem Sinfonieorchester gut durchkomme. Und trotzdem kann man damit auch wunderbar fein und agil in kleiner Kammermusik-Besetzung spielen.
Einfach eine grosse Bereicherung!"

Armon Stecher
stv. Soloklarinette und Bassklarinette
Orchester Musikkollegium Winterthur

Artist – Paul Roe

"The Blashaus bass clarinet crook is a genuine and significant advancement in instrumental design. It provides greater registral flexibility and a bigger and warmer tone. It is a pleasure to play on and allows me to explore greater timbral variety with improved ease of production."

Dr. Paul Roe
Ph.D (York) M.A. F.T.C.L.

Artist – Chuck Currie

"I purchased a Heavy Heavy Steep Angle Gold Blashaus neck for my Selmer Privilege Bass Clarinet a few years ago and it has been a revelation.Frankly, it makes any stock neck feel and sound like a piece of tin. The increase in warmth and projection are amazing throughout the range of the instrument. Ease of articulation and improvement in response of the somewhat stuffy and stubborn notes at the top of the staff are all enhanced. The neck is 75% heavier than standard necks, rigidly braced, finished like satin inside and out and is just a work of art.
While warming up at the first Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble rehearsal I attended using the Blashaus neck, the Baritone Saxophonist behind me and our principal clarinetist both looked up in astonishment at the first notes from my now enhanced instrument. After playing some solos at the latest WASBE conference in San Jose, a conductor I had not worked with in over a year approached me, and said, “Chuck, have you changed something in your setup? There is something new in your sound!
Change your life today! Invest in a Blashaus Bass Clarinet neck!"

Chuck Currie

Artist – Francis Petter

"The medium heavy Gold-Neck I play gives the the Bassclarinet a little more focus and projection but it keeps the depth and warmth of the Sound. I like it a Lot!"

Francis Petter

Artist – Matthias Müller

"The special Bassclarinet-Neck of BLASHAUS is not just a change: it is like a transformation of the Instrument. It provides a reasonable connection between the heavy body of the instrument and the player. The sound is much fuller, richer and colorful!"

Matthias Müller
Professor Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Artist – Mathias Landtwing

"Der Bassklarnetten-Hals Heavy Serie 2 vom Blashaus in Zug ermöglicht mir eine grössere Bandbreite an Klangfarben und Sounds, mehr Volumen und ein besseres Spielgefühl!"

Mathias Landtwing

Artist – Nina Höhn

"Martin Suters Bassklarinetten-Bogen besticht durch einen satten, samtenen Klang, der auch im Forte Substanz und Fokus behält. Er unterstützt die Führung und Kontrolle der Luft und wirkt sich positiv auf die Intonation aus."

Nina Höhn
Philharmonia Zürich (Opernhaus)

Artist – Christoph Pepe Auer

"The bass clarinet neck from Blashaus is a masterpiece! It helps the bass clarinet player to master the most difficult part of the instrument’s nature: flexibility of the whole range. Further it creates an enjoyable feeling while playing. It even makes the sound more brilliant and it increases the variety in your volume. Finally the quality of the material is so solid that you can bring it on tour or do unusual musical experiments without having to fear to break it."

Christoph Pepe Auer

Warming up on a bass clarinet

Artist – Marco Santilli

"The bass clarinet neck from Blashaus increases the variety of both timbres and dynamics and improves the sound projection and consistency between the various registers.
I no longer have to exert myself during a solo being accompanied by a rhythm section. In delicate passages I obtain a surrounding sound and I have the impression that it generates a more spacious sound. The Suter’s neck makes the instrument sing!"

Marco Santilli

Artist – Ulrich Drechsler

"Music is all about sound and each musician carries within himself the precise idea about his/her personal sound!!
The two Blashaus bass clarinet necks I use now for years are an incredible support on the lifelong journey of getting closer to my musical identity.
Martin Suter’s masterpieces of craftsmanship not only improve all aspects of bass clarinet playing like intonation, air flow, control, flexibility etc. etc. In the best moments they let you forget about the fact that you’re playing such a huge instrument. Then the music really happens!! And this is the biggest gift you can give to a musican. Thank you so much, Martin!!"

Ulrich Drechsler

Artist – Fred Rast

I have been using the "DAS BLASHAUS" bass clarinet neck on my Buffet Prestige for a couple of years now and was so impressed from the first moment as to how thick and dense the tone sounded with this neck.  I was also happy to discover how the neck was able to even out all the tones to the same level of resistance and tone color producing a powerful and yet stabile, flexible sound.  

Fred Rast
Music Educator, mouthpiece maker, Clarinetist & Saxophonist

Artist – Andrew Roberts

"I was first introduced to the Blashaus crook by my friend a virtuoso clarinet and bass clarinet player Mathias Muller during a demonstration of the Blashaus SABre bass clarinet. I knew as soon as I tried the gold plated crook I now use, that I would have to have one.
Since then I have gone on to supply many others to colleagues and customers of mine in the UK. The crook offers  many improvements to the bass clarinet  including greater sonority, stability and depth of sound, it also makes the tuning more reliable and provides all of this with less effort from the player, it really is like adding a turbo charger to your instrument!
On one occasion recently I was invited to play with a National Opera company on bass clarinet in a Puccini Opera. Their regular bass clarinet player was sitting next to me and after the first act, he turned to me and said ” I have just spent to whole act working out what I can sell to buy on of those crooks!” and he bought one soon after!
What better recommendation can I give than that!"

Andrew Roberts

Artist – Udo Schindler

"Der "Suter-Bogen" hat mir bei meiner Selmer Mod.25 neue Horizonte eröffnet – mehr Substanz in den Tiefen, leichtere und feinere Intonation, neue Höhen mit Präsenz. Ein Quantensprung dank schweizer Wertarbeit!"

Udo Schindler

Artist – Yuji Noguchi


Yuji Noguchi

Artist – James Bruce Kimball

This base clarinet neck overs the perfect amount of resistance which produces a beautiful warm sound. I recently used the neck that came with the horn and after a few notes, put it back in the case. The only neck that I will use on my bass clarinet is Das Blashaus!

James Bruce Kimball

Artist – Peter Kuhn

"The next arrived and I could not be happier. Going over the throat is a joy, all areas of the horn feel richer and fatter, projecting better too perhaps.The vibrations in my mouth/lips are much more pronounced which informs me the vibrations in my horn are as well. Going over the throat is a joy, all the notes speak more clearly, in tune and with more presence than ever before. It feels like I am playing a whole new horn.

Peter Kuhn

Artist – Jeong Won Yun

"The bass clarinet neck from Blashaus increases everything, even my musical soul. That is the why helps intonation, air flow, stability, etc, when I play.Also, I used to forget about the fact I'm playing such a huge instrument. Do not hesitate to use blashaus's materpieces, if you're base clarinetist."

Jeong Won Yun
Vice-President @ Pulse, Clarinetist & Base Clarinetist

Artist – Oguz Buyukberber

Turkish born clarinetist, improviser/composer Oguz Buyukberbers work stands on the crossroads of contemporary composition, improvisation, Turkish music, and jazz. He studied bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay, and audited Theo Loevendie’s composition classes at Amsterdam Conservatory.

in 2011 he was named a Selmer Artist

Artist – Jesse Faber

" The bassclarinet neck of blashaus is something great, it offers you a great resistance wich you can use to blow perfectly trough your horn!" 

Jesse Faber

Optimierungs-Massnahmen Selmer Kontrabassklarinette

Wir haben ein Massnahmen-Paket entwickelt, welches die funktionalen, akustischen und Intonations-Probleme von Selmer Kontrabassklarinetten massgeblich optimiert.

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